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How Does The Loan Navigator Help You Avoid The Most Common Deficiencies Found In Reviews?

As outlined by Citi Foundations Technical Assistance Memo by Donna Nails, May 2010,

Credit Initiation and Loan Structuring

Excessive lender analysis of borrower’s concept with limited analysis of borrower’s financial information

Over-reliance on projected net income instead of historical net income

Lack of independent analysis of participations purchased from other institutions

Lack of documentation regarding physical inspection of business and/or collateral

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Credit/Collateral Documentation

Lack of follow-up process after loan closing to ensure receipt of all loan documentation

No evidence of insurance in place (expired insurance certificate in file)

Lack of system to confirm payment of taxes and renewal of insurance policies

Late receipt of financial statements (missing or outdated financial statements)

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Loan Management and Work Flow

Lack of documentation of agreement with borrower

Unrealistic action plan

Loan was not downgraded

Lack of evaluation of possible losses

Lack of documentation (phone calls/visits) of monitoring by loan officer

Lack of evidence of approval in file

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